30 May, 2008

Crazy Action at Roland Garros

After subsisting on ice cream and granola bars the first day, I braved the lines at the concession stands and snagged a tasty hot dog on a baguette. The prices (converted to US dollar) almost gave me heartburn, but overall the delicious food at Roland Garros easily trumps the lackluster fare at the US Open. I spent most of the day watching tennis action on the outer courts, saw some good matches and spirited cheering from the Belgian contingent (all for naught, as their temperamental bet never stood a chance). Unluckily enough, in the late afternoon the rains poured causing the tarps to be brought out, and play was suspended for the day.

Anyway, I managed to shoot a video of some live exciting action before the rains fell. :-D

Sweeping has never looked so glamorous, has it??? LOL

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